1991 Civic Tech Center
The Heart of Civic Tech in Central and Eastern Europe

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1991 Civic Tech Center
The project is now on hold. Sign up and we'll inform you about new opportunities.

1991 Civic Tech Center
was located in the heart of Ukrainian capital to inspire civic tech startups and community with location, space, connections, acceleration programs, events and each other.

1991 Civic Tech Center was opened on 8th December 2017 by SocialBoost, the Ukrainian tech NGO focused on impact projects in the field of open data, civic participation and e-governance, following a $480,000 grant from Luminate, the philanthropic investment organisation established by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

What is a 1991 community?
These are co-workers at our space, participants and alumni of 1991 Open Data Incubator incubation programs, and anyone with us on the Slack channel.
Our residents developing civic tech Ukraine and create projects with social impact. If you want to run a participation budget for your city or build a site for your amalgamated territorial communities, don't hesitate to contact our residents.
13 important
The community has access to all technical and non-technical perks. From discounts on Grammarly and Weblium subscriptions to partnerships with One Coworking, an international network that allows residents to work abroad once a month for free.
50 of which are about civic tech. We host events for different tastes and formats that are useful for startups, businesses and activists.
GovTech Meetups series is about the synergy of government, IT and business. "Why not" series is about inspirational real-life stories of community, event management, media or startup life.
Our Residents
Meet our team
  • Denis Gurskyi
    Head of Board,
    Social Boost
  • Viktor Gurskyi
    Executive Director,
    Social Boost
  • Anastasia Sylenok
    Executive Director,
    1991 Civic Tech Center
  • Tania Turovets
    Digital Communication Manager,
    1991 Civic Tech Center
  • Oksana Izakova
    Event Manager,
    1991 Civic Tech Center
1991 Civic Tech Slack
Join Ukrainian Civic Tech Community in Slack.
Access a growing community of peers, tailored education opportunities, discounts and niche meetups to boost your project.
Contact us
+38 (073) 1991 91 0
Parus BC, 2 Mechnykova Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
the project is on hold, sign up and we'll inform you about new opportunities
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